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    Process Automation

    Food Processing




    Water Treatment etc..

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    Factory Automation

    Paint Shop Automation


    Electro Monorail Systems



    AGV etc...

Automators Industrial Projects

Smart way to learn new Technologies

Automators Industrial Projects are creators of Automation projects in innovative way to develop flexible and advanced techno projects for our customers with system and transparency.

We offer integrated solutions for Conveyors and Process systems, specialized in field of Automation with "Electrical Engineering Design & PLC Software Development" for our customers to reach their expectation on time commitment.

We provide the Technical support for any PLC software and commissioning. Offers Technical forum where people can post there queries and get the support onsite for free.



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Get live programming help

Instantly connect with a qualified expert and get hands-on help 24/7 Register and start convers ...

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Pumping Automation

Single Phase/3 phase Submersible Automatic Water Pump Controller with Starters. Completely  ...

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PLC based Automated Guided Vehicle

An automated guided vehicle or automatic guided vehicle (AGV) is a mobile robot that follows ma ...

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