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Compare variable String variables in DB's

Hello Friends,

I am working on parking places logic where i have 10 places. I am storing following for each slot.

I am using STRUCT in my DB37


CAR_NO STRING[6] '' CAR Number

Entry_Date DATE D#1990-1-1 Entry Date

entry_time TIME_OF_DAY TOD#0:0:0.000 entry_time

park_slot INT 0 

Park_Slot_Occupied INT 0

Park_slot_Level INT 0



I have used Any pointer and successfully Move data into DB.

I am using WINCC runtime as front end.

I am stuck with exit parking logic. I want logic to follow as below.

I want to enter CAR no in the Screen then it should compare and show the slot no. where it is parked.

I have to compare the String variables between the Entered screen data block DB36 and Parking info Data block DB37. It should check the whole DB37 block and give me out slot no. 

info: DB36 and DB37 have the same STRUCT.

DB36 has Entry and Exit data.

DB37 has Parking Info Data for 10 Slots. 

Can some one help me in this. I will be very thankful.If you need further info please let me know.

Best regards,



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