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About Us

Automators Industrial Projects are creators of Automation projects in innovative way to develop flexible and advanced techno projects for our customers with system and transparency.
We offer integrated solutions for Conveyors and Process systems, specialized in field of Automation with “Electrical Engineering Design & PLC Software Development ” for our customers to reach their expectation on time commitment.

We provide the Technical support for any PLC software and commissioning. Offers Technical forum where people can post there queries and get the support onsite for free.

The AIP "Automators Industrial Projects " Technical Forum is the India`s first open communication online forum, developed by us to support,service and provide solution for Industrial related topics like Mechanics, Electrical, Design, Software and more.

System integrators, developers and partner companies can exchange opinions and ideas amongst themselves and receive valuable assistance, at any time. Through this platform we want to share the experience and knowledge by circulating with chains.

At the same time, the open forum offers an invaluable technical knowledge database on everything concerning with topics created by "USER".

Apart from technical support and service providing we are manufacturing with facility of importing & trading various types of industrial components (i.e. Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical etc.) from whole over the world. We also have got a team of engineers who can design & develop the electronic gadget using discrete components or a microprocessors as per the requirements of the project or the product. we have also got a facility of repairing & redesigning or modifying the old & obsolete electronic gadgets, or control panels which are difficult to find or get repaired.

So Lets Come to Overview of Our Automation World:-





5.Automation in all Fields 


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